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People use the Closet Valet to automate their Poshmark shares, save dozens of hours every month and make more sales.

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Your closet automatically shared

The Closet Valet shares your closet on your behalf.
Every day, 4.000 shares are scheduled and executed for you.

  • Smart scheduling

    Your shares are scheduled daily and in your timezone.

  • Respects Poshmark limits

    No more than 4.000 shares per day at safe intervals.

  • Automatic CAPTCHA solving

    ClosetValet automatically solves CAPTCHAs for you.

  • On-click install

    We provide a one-click setup after registration.

  • Always in-sync

    Your closet is imported daily, automatically.

  • Cancel at anytime

    Stop and resume at anytime.

Poshmark sales balance example

Make More Sales

As Poshmark puts it: the Key to Success is Sharing.

Save 120h Per Month

Sharing your closet 4.000 times per day takes 4h on average.

Cool Down

Unlike our competitors, the Closet Valet doesn't need you to work.

What are you waiting for?

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Kind words from our customers.

"This is simply unbelievable! I can't imagine I was sharing items manually a month ago. I'm saving a lot of time to spend with my family using the Closet Valet."
- Penny Y.
"I love ClosetValet. I couldn't have asked for more than this. Since I started to use it, I saw my Poshmark sales increasing x2. I would definitely recommend it."
- Cory B.

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